Items required:

Two die cut circle frames – I used the largest Spellbinders Decorative Circles One with Spellbinders Grand Circles Plain but you could use whatever you have and make it any size you want.
This size needs:
 13 x 3” stars cut from card
12 x 3” stars cut from Design Paper – here I have used First Edition Nordic Christmas
12 x 2” stars cut from card
12 x punched snowflakes
Co-ordinating Buttons and Pearls for embellishing
A piece of ribbon to make a hanger

Step One:

Adhere the two circle frames together and then cover with the 13 x 3” card stars.

Step Two:

Score the Design Paper stars and then pinch each star point to create a mountain fold down the centre of each point and a valley fold between each point.

Step Three:

Adhere the 12 Design Paper stars onto the card stars – place them at 12 O’Clock, 1 O’Clock, 2 O’Clock etc – slightly overlapping as you go.
Step Four:

Adhere the buttons to the centre of the Design Paper Stars
Adhere the pearls to the snowflakes and then adhere the snowflakes to the smaller card stars and place in between the Design Paper stars.
Finally adhere a ribbon loop behind the ’12 O’Clock’ star ready to hang your gorgeous wreath.


Dr Sonia S V said...

It looks so beautiful
Dr Sonia
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Bad Kitty said...

this is great

Rose said...

Is there any chance of repeating measurements for tea light card that you made on 25.06.16 on Create and craft. Thought I had managed to write them down but obviously got them wrong. Thank you.Rose