Friday, 7 February 2014

What a Day!!!

Good evening my lovely crafty friends.
Just thought I'd pop by to share what's being going on here today.

I woke this morning at 5:45 to the shouts of my DH from somewhere downstairs and when I got down to find out what was going on I found him writhing on the kitchen floor in agony - with a severe pain in his lower right side.
So I phoned 999 and after numerous questions they said someone would call back within an hour. However, less than 10 minutes later an ambulance pulled up outside. The paramedics came in, took one look at John, asked 2 or 3 questions and immediately suspected renial colic - kidney stones.
So they worked on getting the pain under control before the set off with John to Gloucester Royal Hospital. Initially Jack was going to go to school but after seeing his Dad in the ambulance I think it was just too much for him so I decided he could stay at home and do some work instead.

The paramedics were almost certain that John would be transferred to Cheltenham Hospital - they couldn't take him straight there as they don't accept ambulances before 8:00am!!!!
So I had to just sit and wait until I heard what was happening and where John was going to be.

I eventually got hold of John late morning and he was waiting for a scan. 
About an hour later he phoned to say that it was confirmed to be a small kidney stone and that it should pass when he goes to the loo - ouch!!!! So he was allowed to come home - what a huge relief!!!!!

So that was the bad news of the day but the good news is my Scan n Cut arrived - yippeeee!!!!
Hopefully I might get chance to have a play with it over the weekend.

Hope your day has been a little less eventful than mine :o)

Enjoy the rest of the evening.


downrightcrafty said...

Oh hun been through this myself exceedingly painful hope he is feeling better now, oh and I have not had a reoccurrence so far
Hugs Kate xx

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Debs, that must have been such a scare for you. I have heard it said that kidney stones are more painful than childbirth so no wonder he was in agony. I hope he gets rid of it soon - ouch!
Enjoy playing with your new toy and have a fabulous weekend.
hugs Sue x

susiestacey said...

Hope the pain has been relieved and John has passed the stone without pain. have a good crafty weekend Debs x Susan x

Sarah said...

Hope he's feeling better now Debs. We shall be expecting a full report on the Scan 'n' Cut...have fun! xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Debs how worrying for you and how painful it sounds. Hope he soon passes it xx

Jane Savage said...

Oh heavens, Debs, what a thing to happen. Glad hubby is OK. How frightening for you though. Hugs xx

Carole said...

But thankfully it turned out not too bad. Well actually it turned out good, you've got your new toy!!!!!! Great things to come hey
Have a good W/E
Carole xXx

Janice said...

Poor John, very painful indeed! Not the best start to any of your day then, and so worrying till they got him seen to. Glad he got home though and I assume/hope the pain has settled and said stone has passed. Jx

Wishcraft said...

Oh what a worry Debs! Glad he's been allowed home, and hope he feels much better soon xx Hugs, Lisa x

cotnob said...

What a worry that must have been for you Debs, I do hope John manages to pass his stone without to much pain.
Have fun with your Scan n Cut, can't wait to see what you create.

Debbie said...

Ooo poor you and DH.
When my Sister had Kidney problems her doctor told her the pain was really bad, one of the most painful things going, so poor him.
Have a nice play...Is it the New Brother Machine? Debbiex

Claire said...

Goodness me Debs, I hope John is feeling alot better today and that kidney stone passes soon - that's going to hurt no matter how small it is!!!! Don't even get me started about ambulances ... you were lucky to get one in 10 minutes. We had a Grandparent collapse at school last week (she had had a recent heart attack a few weeks before, her spray didn't work, she was grey in colour and in pain - the ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive!!! Dreadful service. Glad your new toy has arrived - enjoy your play and hope you both have a good weekend. Hugs, Claire x

Annie said...

so glad all turned out well in the end, but even so .. .. that stone is not going to budge too easily! Enjoy playing with your new toy, lucky girl!
hugs, annie x

Mau xx said...

Oh poor John, hope it passes soon.
Your new toy sounds good fun, been looking at them I have to admit.
Hugs Mau xx

mixamatoasties said...

Ouch. Poor John. Hope he's ok now xxx

Sue B said...

Oh my.. I'm sorry I missed this Debs, I have been AWOL in Blogland… I'm SO glad that John is ok… what a horrid experience for you all… it's the hardest thing sitting and waiting for news!
Hope you're enjoying the Scan n Cut… I had a look at the adverts and it looks awesome… enjoy playing with it hun!
Love Sue xx